How the California Stem Cell Research Program
is Fighting Your Incurable Disease!

By (author): Don C Reed (Americans for Cures Foundation, USA)

Thirteen years ago, America faced an epidemic of chronic disease: cancer, paralysis, blindness, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and more. However, with the strength of patient advocates, California said YES! to a 3 billion dollar stem cell research program...

Stem Cell Research Book Reveals People’s Struggles

Don Reed’s First Book Also Available

How Ordinary People Can Fight Back Against the Crushing Burden of Chronic Disease!

About Don Reed


Sometimes called the “Grandfather of Stem Cell Research Advocacy”, Don C. Reed was citizen sponsor of California’s Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act of 1999, named after his paralyzed son. Don was grassroots organizer for America’s first pro- stem cell research legislation,


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Sample Benefits
of the California Stem Cell Program

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As Patients And Their Families and Friends,
We Fight.

…and because wheelchairs should be for Temporary Occupancy only

Side by side with his paralyzed son Roman, Don C. Reed is an advocate for stem cell research for cure. Involved in virtually every major stem cell battle since the controversy began, Reed is the author of the forthcoming book, STEM CELL BATTLES: Proposition 71 and Beyond, How Ordinary People Can Fight Back Against the Crushing Burden of Chronic Disease, available at

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More Benefits of the California Stem Cell Program

Americans for Cures Foundation

Please visit Americans for Cures Foundation, the legacy non-profit which sprang from the campaign to pass Proposition 71, the California Stem Cells for Research and Cures Initiative. Led by Bob Klein, we are a nonpartisan, 501(c)3 organization. Our mission is to advocate on behalf of all who suffer chronic disease and injury, and who might benefit from stem cell research and therapies.

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