By Don C. Reed

Although  raised in a  Republican household,  I could  never vote  for Donald  Trump. This is  for a variety  of reasons, but  today I want to touch on only one:

I consider Trump  an habitual   liar,  who will  say whatever suits his needs of the moment.

Of course,  everyone tells  a  fib or  exaggeration occasionally.  But Trump  lies so frequently  that the  New York  Times set  up a board of reporters to keep track of them. They found Trump  lied  about twenty-one times a day  while  in office.    (1)

Some say,  “Oh,  that’s  just Trump being Trump!”   But that is no excuse—we  cannot  overlook his  constant  lies.

The  first time I realized I could not trust Donald  Trump  was when he implied Barack Obama was not an American citizen. (2). If true,  (and of course it was not) that would have disqualified Obama for the Presidency.

This  was no mere  slip of  the tongue,  to be set right by an apology, but  a deliberate falsehood,  repeated  often,  over a period of five years. When it  seemed he had squeezed out all  the political benefits  from that particular lie,  he  reversed his  statement–  trading one lie  for another,  saying   Hillary  Clinton  was the author of that falsehood. (3)

Trump  appears  to have no shame about these frequent fabrications. Former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham recalled a moment when Trump told her, “As long as you keep repeating something, it doesn’t matter what you say.”  (4)

Is that not the  Nazis’  “Big  Lie”  technique,  to just choose a falsehood  and say it over and over again,   until people  begin  to  believe it?

And  what is  Trump’s biggest lie?

Trump pretends  Biden did not win the 2020 election,  though every  count and  re-count says he did. In the popular  vote,  Biden  won by seven million  votes. And in the electoral count?  Biden’s  score–306 votes, Trump– 232. (5)

Sometimes Trump uses  what I  what  I call “lawyer lies” where  the  words  are not in themselves false, but their impact is damaging. These can be evil.  Like when he smiled  and says “Where’s  Paul?”  (Pelosi)  while knowing perfectly well that the husband of Nancy Pelosi had been  attacked by a man with a hammer, who  literally pounded a hole in the top of Frank’s skull.  And  when Trump smiled, his followers in the  room began to laugh,  as if he had given them permission to mock the  attempted murder of a man. (6)

Trump  even blamed  Speaker Emerita Pelosi for the  January 6  insurrection!

“I think it was an insurrection caused by Nancy Pelosi,” Trump said.

“Facts First: This claim is complete fiction – an abject lie. Pelosi did not cause a mob of pro-Trump supporters… to storm the Capitol.

So  many lies…  Here’s one  where Trump tries to steal credit  for someone else’s work.  “We took care of the vets….91% approval rating…”—that figure was  in fact achieved by President Barack Obama…” (7)

What a  contrast between him and another Republican President,  Abraham  Lincoln.

“Lincoln earned a reputation for honesty while working as a lawyer… “The nickname ‘honest Abe’ was not the fabrication of party publicists but a mark of the universal respect in which he was held as a lawyer of scrupulous honesty.”

Lincoln was  regarded  as “the  very soul of integrity”. (8)

When was the  last time you heard Donald  Trump  referred  to  as “Honest  Don”—in anything but a joking  way?

This matters; we must  be able to trust our  nation’s leader.   If   trouble comes, and the  President  needs our support,  will  we have to ask–  is he telling the truth this time?

And as for President Biden?  That’s easy;  I know he will  be straight with us: plain and  blunt, honest  as a  man can be.   We may not  always  agree, (can any  two people agree  on everything?)  but he will say what he honestly believes, clear, understandable,  and you can count on it.

And back to Trump?

I believe he sees us (the audience) as a manipulable  object. When he  speaks, he wants  something from us —perhaps a contribution to his  ever-mounting legal  fees—and he will say  whatever  he thinks we want to  hear.

For example, how many times  has he changed  his stance   on abortion? The Washington Post shows him voicing five   different  opinions on that  subject—in  three  days. (9)

I do not trust Donald Trump, and that’s a fact.

If he told  me what time it  was,  I would look at my watch.








8.    Fact check: Joe Biden legally won presidential election, despite persistent contrary claims


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