Perhaps more than any other patient advocate group, I respect Parkinson’s fighters.  If you really want some folks who will absolutely show up and be counted, ask your friends with Parkinson’s. If they say yes, they will be there.

I have a theory why this is so.  Parkinson’s is progressive. That means no matter how miserable you feel today, tomorrow  could be worse.

And so, they fight.

Today, I am asking everyone with Parkinson’s, or if you have a friend with PD, let them know what i am going to ask you now.

I ask you to support the renewal of funding for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) which most people call the California stem cell program.

Here is why: If you go to this address you will see how CIRM put its money where its mouth is:fighting PD.

How much?  $54,573,933.00     Fifty-four million dollars.

Any cures? No.  But we (CIRM, not me personally, of course, I am no scientist) we are funding the best scientist who can be found, and making sure they have what they need to try and unlock the puzzle of Parkinson;s.

So what do I want from you?  Just a note that your group supports the renewal of the California stem cell program.  Here is some more info.

Drop me a line at

As you know, the California stem cell program (the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, or CIRM) is essentially out of money. It did a terrific job, funding research which has led to nearly 60 clinical trials, but the funding is gone.

Should California renew the program, with new funding?

If you are in favor of continuing the California stem cell program, please direct me to any groups you may be associated with, which might endorse us.

Here’s why:

For a citizen initiative to get on the ballot, it has to be supported by a significant number of groups.  We need a list of groups in favor of  the stem cell program.

Accordingly, I am trying to re-locate any patient advocate groups which support stem cell research funding, including groups (large or small) which endorsed  the original Proposition 71, the California Stem Cell Research for Cures Act—or new groups, which support reliable funding for stem cell research.

Are you personally in favor of renewing California’s stem cell program?

If so, please respond to this email. And if your group can endorse us, it would be a huge help.


Don C. Reed

Vice President, Public Policy

Americans for Cures Foundation


P.S. Below are some reasons I personally support renewing the program.

TEN REASONS TO RENEW THE CALIFORNIA STEM CELL PROGRAM: (the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, or CIRM).

1.CIRM is challenging chronic disease and disability, which cost America an estimated $3 trillion dollars* last year. CIRM works to lessen that mountain of medical debt—by fighting to cure disease, not just maintain it.

  1. CIRM’s targets include: blindness, various kinds of cancer, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), kidney failure,  diabetes, Parkinson’s, sickle-cell disease, schizophrenia,  HIV-AIDS, and more.
  2. CIRM has been the largest source of stem cell and gene research in the world. Long-term funding allows scientists time to complete their projects, working systematically, sometimes reaching all the way to clinical trials.
  3. CIRM has already begun to win: more than 50 children have been cured of the usually-fatal “bubble baby” disease. Similar procedures may help defeat sickle-cell anemia. Progress has been made in many conditions: paralysis has been lessened: age-related blindness has been diminished.
  4. CIRM’s Alpha Sites offer carefully prepared tests for new therapies: also guidelines for patients to observe when considering a stem cell procedure.
  5. CIRM has brought new jobs and additional revenue ($3.2 billion in add-on funds) to California, more than the original $3 billion invest
  6. CIRM cooperates with other states, nations, and institutions, with each side bringing its own funding, more bang for the research buck.
  7. CIRM’S “Bridges” program provide on-the-job training experience for college students, as does the Summer Program to Advance Research Knowledge (SPARK) for young people in High School.
  8. Twelve new stem cell research facilities have been established: benefiting California from Humboldt in the North to UC San Diego in the South.
  9. CIRM has established strict ethical guidelines for research, in some cases more stringent than the federal government’s.



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