Thank you all for the kind people who noticed that my small editorials were missing!

I have not stopped working, just in a different style. The book, I hope, will be a good one.  It is being published by a very fine publisher, World Scientific Publishing, Inc., who publish the Nobel Prize winners’ biography.

I will be back with another article very soon, as well as information on the book which is essentially my life work.

Sadly, we just lost a great champion of stem cell research: A. Alfred Taubman, who provided the funding for Michigan’s Amendment 2, which made embryonic stem cell research legal in the wolverine state.

Of Mr. Taubman, I can only say that: generations yet unborn will have reason to bless his name.

Without his financial backing, Michigan would not have achieved research freedom.

Thank you, Mr. Taubman, on behalf of the millions who suffer chronic disease or disability, and who may one day be healed, in part because of your generosity.

You will be missed.