By Don C. Reed

I am proud to be a Democrat, and have been, ever since I was old enough to vote.

I trust our  party, largely from its stances on the issues. For instance, Democrats  work to reduce the  pollution of  Earth’s air  and water supply; also to make sure everyone’s basic human  needs are met, as in housing, food, and medical care.

And what do Republicans do? They block the Democrats. As far  as  I can see, every issue Democrats have, Republicans  automatically oppose  it.  We want to lessen the  use of fossil fuels; their  answer is “drill, baby, drill!”  We want millionaires to pay their fair share in taxes;  Republicans not only give the rich  endless tax holidays, but their  man pays almost no taxes at all. Dems support low-cost medical care– while Trump has  pledged to end Obamacare.

One thing for sure: I do not want Donald Trump anywhere near the White House. If I had to name the worst possible candidate, it would be him. I don’t trust Donald Trump;  I don’t respect him,  I would not cross the  street to hear the  man talk.

But Democrats face a problem. Biden had a terrible day at the debate. What do we do about it? To me, it’s   simple. I am going to vote for the Democrat.

If that means voting for Grampa Joe, that is fine by me. He  is  already doing  the job, and in a superlative  way.  If he stutters,  I don’t  care. But if,  for reasons of  health,  someone else must  serve,  that will be all right too. America has almost too many outstanding candidates—people like Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Hakeem  Jeffries, Michelle Obama– and Vice  President Kamala Harris.

And  the Republicans?  Well,  they have Trump.

Another good reason  to  vote for the  Democrat!


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