By Don C. Reed

I wish Wisconsin’s Ronald Johnson was running for Senator in California– so I could vote against him.

Wisconsinites should vote Johnson out of office for many reasons: here are three.

First,  Senator Johnson seeks to control every aspect of a woman’s reproductive process. From the instant when sperm meets egg, in conception, Johnson wants to put laws on all women.  He wants every fertilized egg treated as a full-fledged human being—and he wants that put into the Constitution! (1)

This is not new for Johnson, who has co-sponsored similar legislation before—Check out his bill, Senate b\Bill 91, the Life at Conception Act. (2)

Reason #2:  if you are elderly like me, Mr. Johnson intends to stop your Social Security checks.

You know how it works: every month, we are taxed a certain amount of money from our paychecks (the SSI deduction), on the promise that when we get old, the government will send us a monthly check—on which millions of us depend.

Johnson wants to make the  Social Security program  “discretionary” meaning the program as it is now would no longer exist; it would be killed altogether, cut for tax breaks for the extremely rich, held as hostage  to eliminate early education programs, or to roll back climate protections.(3)

And if you have the Affordable Care Act (ACA) now, how long do you think that will last, if Republicans like Ron Johnson take power?

Instead of  reasonably-priced health care, and therefore lower prices everywhere,  I predict there will be a lot more senior citizens standing by the roadside, with cardboard signs reading WILL WORK 4 FOOD.

Number Three: Ronald Johnson serves the rich: with folks like him in power, will the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes?   Or will there be even more tax cuts, making it increasingly difficult for the government to function?

Check this out; draw your own conclusions.

“…two families, both worth billions, …are among  Johnson’s biggest donors….The Uihleins and Hendricks (families) contributed more than $20,000,000.00 (twenty million dollars) to groups supporting Johnson’s 2016 reelection  campaign.” (4)

Did the billionaires benefit?

“Dick and Liz Uihline, along  with Diane Hendricks…together benefited from $215 million in tax  benefits in 2018 thanks to changes (5) Johnson  pushed for”.

If you believe in the privacy of the doctor’s office, vote Ronald Johnson out.

If you think seniors should keep on getting their Social Security checks, vote Ronald Johnson out.

And if you think the rich should pay their fair share of taxes—the answer is the same–

Vote Ronald  Johnson out.






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