BE EVERYWHERE: Vicki Englund, and Thirty Days to Remake the World



The most important race? Presidential. Obama must win, or everything you and I care about is at risk. This is a lot more involved here than just the sheer joy of having a friend instead of an obstacle in the White House.


The most important state? Michigan: Proposition 2 must pass, or we tell the Religious Right it is okay to keep research in the Dark Ages.


The most important Congressional/Senate (state or national) race–? Your call. Right now, I know of more than 100 races where there is a strong stem cell candidate America needs to support.


Like Vicki Englund.


Vicki is a friend of mine, and a friend of yours, because she supports stem cell research with all her heart. 


Here is a personal letter from her to you, written specifically for this column.


Vicki Englund

Democratic Nominee

Missouri’s 85th House District

September 11, 2008


I am a proponent of stem-cell research for three very specific reasons.  First, I believe that science and technology should be used to better the lives of everyone.  There have been so many advances in science over the last fifty years that have benefited those with life-threatening diseases.  We need to be vigilant and strive to find cures for even more people.


Second, Missouri has many universities and medical centers that provide a place for such cutting-edge research to take place.  We have a wealth of knowledge and professionals who are ready and able to take up this challenge.  In addition, the people of Missouri’s 85th District support stem-cell research.


Third, and most important, I have an aunt with multiple sclerosis.  Diagnosed in her early forties, my aunt was surprised to learn of her illness, as she had always been athletic and had three young children at home.  Her disease has progressed quickly over the past twelve years, rendering her unable to care for herself.  I saw first-hand how this disease affected not only the mobility and independence of my aunt, but how it tore apart her family as well.  Medical bills and her inability to work broke up her immediate family and they struggle to get by even today.


Missouri can be the leader in the research for life-saving cures.  Our state government has been dominated by stem-cell research opponents.  We are undergoing a change in Missouri and it is predicted that Democrats will win many of the statewide races, and will most likely take back control of the House.  My district has been clearly identified as one of the most important legislative races in Missouri this year.  We cannot take back the House without winning my seat.


It is this emphasis on the 85th District that has given us great momentum.  In these final weeks our push for victory will be strong.  We still, however, need to keep our momentum going and need more financial contributions.  Support from the life-saving cures community would put us over the top.  Please consider supporting us at  Together, we can make a difference.


Vicki Englund



P.S. Below are some of the folks who are endorsing Vicki.


IMPORTANT: Go to  and send her a couple bucks– I know, I know, everybody is hitting you up for money– but this is important, and this is a friend. I will do it, and trust me, I can’t afford it either. If my wife knew I was going to contribute anything, she would be furious. So if you see Gloria, please do not mention to her that I am going to go to and send her a stem cell nickel–for me, that’s $25. I know, big spender, huh? But that much I can do, and that much I will. Please help?


P.S. Again:  If it matters, Vicki is hugely supported by her party, winning her primary by 66%– she is a solid all around leader, respected by those who know her, and deserving of our support.




AFSCME Council 72

US Congressman Russ Carnahan

Greater St. Louis CWA City Council

House Democratic Campaign Committee

Senator Harry Kennedy

Laborer’s Local 110

Missouri ERA Political Action Committee

Missouri Labor

Missouri State U.A.W. CAP Council

Missouri Votes Conservation

Missouri Women’s Coalition

Missouri National Education Association (MNEA)

NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri

National Women’s Political Caucus

Oakville Democratic Organization

Planned Parenthood

Progressive Democrats of Lemay

Sierra Club

South County Labor

St. Louis Labor Council

Representative Rachel Storch

Representative Pat Yaeger

Representative Jake Zimmerman

Tesson Ferry Democratic Organization

UFCW Local 655

Women’s Campaign Forum


Aerospace Lodge 837

Arch Leadership PAC

Asbestos Workers

Branch 343 National Association of Letter Carriers

CWA District 6

Representative Margaret Donnelly

Electrical Workers

Mike Evans:

First Missouri Credit Union

Gas Workers Local 5-6

Heat & Frost Insulators & Asbestos Workers Local #1

IBEW Local #1439

Representative Sam Komo

MO Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors

MO Rental Dealers Association

National Electrical Contractors Association

Oakville Democratic Organization

Operating Engineers Local 101

Representative Sam Page

Pipe Fitters Local 533

Pipe Fitters Voluntary Fund

Plasterers & Cement Masons

Progressive Democrats of Lemay

Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition

Missouri Realtors PAC

Representative Jeff Roorda

Senator Jeff Smith

Sprinkler Fitters LU 314

St. Louis Association of Realtors

Steve Stenger for County Council

Supporters of Health Research & Treatments

Teamsters 245 PAF

Teamsters Local Union #541

Tesson Ferry Democratic Organization

Representative Tom Villa

Representative Mike Vogt





Don C. Reed

Co-chair, Californians for Cures


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