By Don C. Reed

Remember when the Republican-dominated Supreme Court stopped the recount in Florida, and awarded the Presidency to George W. Bush?

What were the consequences of that colossal gift to the Republican party?

It gave us the Iraq war, the Great Recession and a gigantic national debt—instead of peace, full employment and a balanced budget, which Bill Clinton had just accomplished.

The mess Bush left took Barack Obama two full terms to straighten out.

Now, another Republican gift—the “maybe” more emails which “might” have some bearing on a previous manufactured scandal–and which could give us Donald Trump, and his Republican-controlled Congress?

I have two words:


We have ten days left. Let us use them.

You know and I know that Hillary has done nothing wrong.

If using a private email address was a crime, then George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would be rotting in jail—read Nina Burleigh’s incredible Newsweek article: “The George W. Bush White House ‘lost’ 22 Million Emails”.

Donald Trump is the best the Republican party has to offer, their chosen candidate. He is their champion. Hillary is ours.

So what do we do?

We continue on.

This morning I donated another $37 to Hillary’s campaign. I can’t afford it. I am a senior citizen, on a fixed income.

But this is for my grand-children, and my country’s future.

This is no time to sit idly by and hope for better luck next time.

This game is for all the marbles. Whatever you believe in, fight for it now.

Do you care about the environment? Look at Trump, who considers global warming to be a Chinese hoax.

Worried about jobs? Trump will cut taxes on the rich—just as did George W. Bush– it cost us jobs then, why would more of the same be any different now?

Care about women’s rights? Look at the attitude and actions of Donald Trump. Compare that to the life of Hillary Clinton, who said: “Women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights!”

We have our champion. She has endured all the vile attacks and trickery the Republicans could throw against her for decades.

She did not quit.

And neither will we.

So go on, exactly as you did before, fighting for a winning campaign, working to bring our Hillary to the White House: a woman in charge, and deservedly so.

Make your phone calls. Knock on those doors. Bring your friends to the polls. Show up and vote.

We are in the right. We must prevail.

Above all, SPEAK UP!

America needs to hear us now.

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