Folks, nobody deserves more respect than stem cell supporters in Texas!

I have been friends with them a long time, and you would not believe the hassles they go through and the harassment they endure from the so-called “good people” on the other side– the anti-research side.

One example:

Imagine two people with Parkinson’s wanting to testify in favor of embryonic stem cell research, and they show up at the state house, ready to go– and the person in charge makes them wait till two in the morning, while he exhausts every possible delaying tactic to keep them from speaking.

But they won’t give up. They spoke then, and they are speaking today. It is up to us if they are to stand alone.

Below is a request for your signature, as an individual, or a group. Either one, is fine.

Now, here is my friend Lorraine Chalmas to tell you a little more.

Read it, sign it, pass it along.

And if it doesn’t reach you in the right shape, just go to, and sign it there.

And thank you.


Don C. Reed

It’s a new year and…

TAMR is preparing for the next Texas Legislative session that begins on January 11th. During the next five months, we will keep you informed of all stem cell related bills that will directly impact the ability of our Texas scientists to conduct research that will lead to treatments and cures for many of our most debilitating diseases, injuries and illnesses.

PLEASE SIGN OUR ONLINE OPEN LETTER. By adding your name, we will be sending a clear message to our Texas elected representatives: Don’t mess with Texas stem cells! Keep all National Institutes of Health (NIH) approved stem cell research legal in Texas. Our Texas citizens deserve the best that science and medical research can provide. See the upper left corner of our home page to read and sign our open letter.

Stem cell research not only fuels tomorrow’s health care but directly impacts our state’s economic health. A Texas friendly stem cell research climate will retain our state’s biotech companies, intellectual property law firms, venture capitalists and scientists conducting studies with National of Institutes of Health grants. To keep our Texas stem cell community in Texas, stem cell research must be driven by good science, not partisan politics.

TAMR is a nonprofit organization run completely by volunteers. I hope you will take an additional moment to learn more about our mission, our history and legislative successes. TAMR has a terrific group of scientists and legislative advisors who keep us abreast of new developments in the stem cell field and the legal implications of all pending legislative bills.

Donations of time, money and in-kind services are always welcome. Any contribution you can make will be appreciated and put to good use. Thank you.

Best Wishes for a happy, healthy 2011.

Lorraine Chammah
TAMR President

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