ONE HOUR TO FIGHT FOR PARALYSIS CURE? Tuesday is crucial vote for AB 190.

By Don C. Reed

If California Assembly Bill 190 (Wieckowski, D-Fremont) passes the public safety committee, April 5, (tomorrow) the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act will be funded.

For every traffic ticket, AB 190 would give $3 to spinal cord injury (SCI) research for cure—that would be roughly $11 million a year. My paralyzed son Roman will have a chance to walk again.

Make it happen. Give me one hour of your time.

To pass the committee, we need four votes. By my count we have three champions already—Gilbert Cedillo, Holly Mitchell, and Nancy Skinner—we need one more. The two Republicans—Steve Knight and Curt Hagman—have listened politely but not signaled support. If you know them, contact them*, please. But our best hope for that one crucial vote?

Please call, FAX, or e-mail the following 2 people:

Jerry Hill (FAX 916-319-2119, PHONE 916-319-2019) for his crucial yes vote on AB 190, we cannot do it without his support: fax him, plus send an email to his legislative aide:

Committee Chair Tom Ammiano (FAX-916-319-2113, PHONE 916-319-2013). plus emails to his legislative aide:  

Just say: please support AB 190, the sensible solution to funding paralysis cure.


*The two Republicans on the committee are:

1. Curt Hagman (phone: 916-319-2060, FAX: 916-319-2160, email his legislative director,

2. Steve Knight (phone: 916-319-2036, FAX: 916-319-2136, legislative direct email,

With your help, TODAY, we can make the difference so many thousands of advocates have worked toward for so many years. Send your two FAXes, send your two E-mails—and contact as many as friends as you can think of. Everything depends on you, me, and today.

We have only today: tomorrow is the vote.

P.S. for more information, including a sample letter, description of the program, and main talking points, go to:  And thank you, very much.

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