ON CHOOSING A PRESIDENT: the Environmental Vote

By Don C. Reed

For 15 years, (1972–86) I was an oceanarium diver for Marine World Africa USA, in Redwood City, California. Every day I worked among the sharks, dolphins, eels, seals and killer whales; I swam through beams of underwater sun, interacting with the creatures of the sea. It was a joy and a privilege.

For me and billions, even those who cannot swim a stroke, the environment has an almost religious significance; it is every breath we take, every drop we drink — the foundation of all life — and we must keep it safe.

Soon America will vote on the next President; our chief environmental steward.

Assuming a Trump/Biden race, who is more qualified for the job?

I can think of nothing former President Donald J. Trump has done to benefit the environment. Has his attitude changed since he called planetary change ”a Chinese hoax”?

Important: neither former President Trump nor the Party he leads have an official platform policy on the environment. Instead, they have this:

“RESOLVED: the 2020 Republican National Convention will adjourn without adopting a new platform until the 2024 Republican National Convention;” (1)

We are expected, apparently, to guess…

And President Biden? No guesswork there!

His program, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2020 includes …”the largest federal climate change investment in American History: $391 billion.” (2)

Two men were President. Each had a chance to make a positive difference on the environment. One did; the other did not.

And that is why I will absolutely vote to retain the environmental President.

Joe Biden has earned our vote, and our enthusiastic support.

1. https://earthjustice.org/article/the-biggest-climate-spending-bill-ever-just-turned-one-heres-what-it-has-achieved#:

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