By Don C. Reed

Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2011 12:39 PM
Subject: AB 190 introduced – Spinal Cord Injury Research

AB 190 was introduced today.  This bill will impose a $3 additional penalty on all moving traffic violations and dedicate the revenue to the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund, which is operated by the University of California.
Ryan G. Spencer, Capitol Director
Office of Assemblymember Bob Weickowski
916-319-2020 – Phone
916-319-2120 – Fax

Dear Friends of Research for Cure:

To everyone who advanced paralysis cure research in the past, and to all who will fighting for this truly wonderful new bill: Thank you.

California’s Assembly Bill 190 (Weickowski, D-Fremont)  is the missing piece. If we can pass this bill– this bill– we change the world for all who suffer spinal cord injury paralysis and related neurological horrors.

The first mention of spinal cord injury was on the wall of an Egyptian tomb, and it said: “Of paralyzed soldiers, deny them water, let them die; there is nothing that can be done.”

When Roman Reed was first injured, September 10th, 1994, that was pretty much the prognosis. But Roman would not consider giving up; and we had the example of New York Patrolman Paul Richter, shot in the spine on duty, but fighting to fund for research for cure.

California Assemblyman John Dutra’s AB 750 said cure is possible, and provided seed money for the great dream. Legislative aide Ryan Spencer led the fight through all the committee hearings. Paralyzed advocate Karen Miner’s fragile but indominatable strength inspired us all.

That bill provided $14 million California dollars to research over nine years– and attracted an additional $60 million in federal and other sources of funding– new money and jobs for California.

Zach Hall, Os Steward, Wise Young, and especially the amazing Hans Keirstead led us forward with science; Christopher Reeve was our light in darkness. Tom Okarma’s bulldog courage brought Geron’s stem cells–and the research Roman’s law funded first– to human trials.

Bernard Siegel’s World Stem Cell Summit and Stem Cell Action Coalition challenged the opponents of research, bringing together the advocates of positive change.

California and Bob Klein’s magnificent Prop 71 gave life to an entire threatened field, and leads the world today.

Many more– far too many to recall here– have toiled in obscurity toward a shining dream we all share.

I remember one beautiful retired nurse, maybe 80 years old, who told me, when I asked her opinion on Roman’s chances of ever walking again. She smiled and said:

“Hope is realistic. Work will make it happen.”

And now, at last, Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski’s AB 190 brings everything together.

The successful passage of AB 190 will provide the funds to combine the separate energies, and let California solve the riddle of paralysis.

It will not cost tax payers one cent; it will be funded by bad drivers. As car crash is the number one cause of spinal cord injury, it is only right and reasonable that those whose vehicular misbehavior endangers us all should pay a small fee– and bring us closer to the day when wheelchairs are for temporary occupancy only.

This is the bill. Now is the time.

Thank you all, so much, for making a miracle possible.

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Don C. Reed

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