Dear Friend,
Since the early days of our campaign to pass Prop 71 in 2004, Don Reed has been a tireless advocate for stem cell research in California. In fact, Don’s work began even earlier, in 1999, when he fought to pass the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act of 1999 – an initiative named after his son who was paralyzed in a football accident.
Today, Don continues his advocacy as he releases his newest book: “California Cures! How the California Stem Cell Program is Fighting Your Incurable Disease! We sat down with Don to discuss his outlook on the future of California’s stem cell program and to learn more about his book.
Not only is Don an outspoken advocate for stem cell research, but he is also American for Cures’ Vice President for Public Policy, and we are very proud to be part of the launch of his new book. To learn more about Don and his fight for stem cell research, visit his website.
Thanks very much,
Melissa King
Executive Director
Americans for Cures

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