A personal note from Don C. Reed

What is the most important website for stem cell research advancement and protection?

If you want to do something (that does not cost money) to keep the research safe from ideological interference, visit:

Stem Cell Action is a group of groups, dedicated to a legislative solution to the endless attacks against federally-funded stem cell research.

Bernie Siegel of Genetics Policy Institute is leading the charge. Bernie is a long-term champion of the field. (for more about his effort, read an article I wrote about him for Huffington Post:


Here’s Bernie:  “In light of the recent and ongoing court challenge in the case of Sherley v. Sebelius and the election of politicians vowing to eliminate funding or ban embryonic stem cell research, the large grassroots majority of Americans who support stem cells can no longer remain silent. It is high time for this issue to be treated as a national priority. We are well aware that foes of stem cell research will do absolutely everything in their power in court and through legislation to cripple stem cell research. The Stem Cell Action coalition will challenge them at every level. We will not let them crush hope.”

As its first action, the coalition launched a public awareness website:

Additional information, including a full list of founding members of the Stem Cell Action coalition, can be found in a press release by the Genetics Policy Institute.

I strongly urge you to visit:

It might just be the strongest stem cell action you ever do.


Don C. Reed

Co-chair, Californians for Cures

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