By Don C, Reed

Is there is a person you know (maybe yourself) who has not voted yet?

If so, consider  helping them. Remind him/her about this moment of decision—maybe offer them a ride to the polls–because we only have a few hours.

Today is Tuesday, November 8th, the official last chance to vote in the 2022 mid-terms …

Now some folks will say,  the party in power (Democrats this time) almost always loses seats in the House and Senate. So why bother voting?

First, our right to vote is precious because it is rare.  We only get the one chance, and this is it. (Unless you already did a vote by mail, which is fine.)

Second, whatever you value in government can be taken away. The best of people can be voted out of office; the finest of programs—and our rights– can be ended, if their backup does not show.

So this is it. We have not only the right to vote, hard-won by our ancestors, but also a choice: to protect the office-holders and programs we respect–

Or to sit back, do nothing, and watch them slip away.

P.S. Questions?  Go  to Google, type in the name of your state  followed by the words  “Secretary of State”. It will give you a website with a number to call.

In California, for instance, it will say:  Contact Information – Elections and Voter Information :: California Secretary of State

And California’s phone number for voter information? (916) 657-2166

Whatever questions you have, your state will answer.

So: call in your questions, ask a friend for a ride, or offer to share one.

And then—just vote—only do it today.

There is no more time.

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