Dear Friend of Stem Cell Research:

I am currently just finishing a new book, “CALIFORNIA CURES:  How Our California Stem Cell Program is Challenging Chronic Disease: How We Are Beginning to Win– and Why We Must Do It Again!” by the same publisher (World Scientific Publishing, Inc.) who helped produce my last book.

Speaking of which… my first book, “STEM CELL BATTLES: How Ordinary People Can Fight Back Against the Crushing Burden of Chronic Disease: with a Posthumous Foreword by Christopher Reeve”– is on sale.

If you agree with me that the California stem cell program is something we absolutely must preserve, you might like this book. Check out the contents page below….

Stem Cell Battles: Proposition 71 and Beyond
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Stem Cell Battles: Proposition 71 and Beyond
How Ordinary People Can Fight Back against the Crushing Burden of Chronic Disease — with a Posthumous Foreword by Christopher Reeve
By (Author): Don C. Reed (Americans for Cures Foundation, USA)
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“A well-written book on a technical and challenging subject, Stem Cell Battles is a real page-turner. Don Reed writes from a layman’s point of view; his credentials and advocacy experience position him to thoroughly cover his subject and present the subject of stem cell research in an interesting and entertaining way. The book is appropriate for students doing research, for any general reader, and for anyone who is or knows the one in two Americans with an incurable disease or disability. The book fills a gap in public library collections, and is useful in academic collections as well because it covers the subject very well. The author carefully and thoroughly footnotes and documents his material; the reader can see the reliability of the subject coverage, and know here to follow up as interested.”

Sandi Pantages

This is a one-of-a-kind book: combining easy-to-understand science, in-the-trenches political warfare, and inspirational stories. It aims to give hope to individuals and families who suffer from chronic disease or disability; to point out how ordinary people can make an extraordinary difference in the battle to ease suffering and save lives through supporting medical research; to share in “people talk” some of the amazing progress already achieved in the new field of stem cell research; to show how even such a magnificent success as the California stem cell program is under constant attack from ideological groups; to offer medical research …more.

  • Foreword by Christopher Reeve
  • Acknowledgements
  • The World’s Deadliest Killers
  • The Naked Face of Hate
  • To Clone, or Not to Clone?
  • Season of Storms
  • The Trial(S) of the California Stem Cell Program
  • When Changing the World, What Do You Do First?
  • Battles With a Friend
  • Time-Lapse Scriptography
  • Ideology, Science or Bible Quoting Vampires?
  • Joan of Arc, and the Republican Stem Cell Reversal?
  • Deadly Definitions
  • What are We Fighting for?
  • Suffer Little Children
  • Klein Must Resign!
  • Last Day in the Wolverine State
  • Getting Up in the Morning and Going to — Washington?
  • The Boy Who Loved Stanford Too Much
  • Stem Cell Summit, Stem Cell World
  • How Not to Have Sex in a Personhood State
  • Fighting the Killers: Leukemia and Cancer
  • The Thief of Memory
  • The Anti-Science Society
  • Stem Cell Thanksgiving
  • Swimming from Alcatraz
  • Bridge to a New Life
  • Skidding on Ice
  • How to Mend a Broken Heart
  • Helen Keller and Stem Cell Research
  • How to Mend a Broken Heart
  • Why We Can’t Afford Not to Cure Paralysis
  • The War We Must Not Lose
  • In Which I Get Cancer
  • Sickle-Cell Anemia and the Politics of Pain
  • Mowgli and the Matrix: A Year in the Life of the California Stem Cell Program
  • To Whom Goes the Kingdom?
  • The Liver List
  • The Will of Connecticut
  • Champions Find a Way
  • Disenfranchise the Disabled?
  • Adventures in Intellectual Property
  • Spartacus Fights Back Against Stroke
  • Diabetes Going Down?
  • Jamie Thomson, or, How Do You Follow an Act of Genius?
  • Sherley V Sebelius
  • The Woman Who Would Not be Silenced
  • The Gorilla Gynecologist, or, the Pera-Chen Anti-Urinary-Incontinence Method
  • Turning Over Rocks: The Battle for Paralysis Cure
  • In Memory Still Green: The Passing of Three Giants
  • Invitation to Mexico
  • Of Presidents, and the Valley of Death
  • Little Hoover and the Institute of Medicine
  • Studying the Moon, Looking Through a Straw
  • The Great Nebraska Compromise
  • Stem Cell Tourism
  • The Man Who Could Fly Without a Plane
  • Thief of Lives
  • Singapore, Biopolis, and the Power of the Small
  • Singapore Scientists
  • Fighters Against Parkinson’s
  • International Friends
  • A Texas Miracle, or Thirty-Two
  • The Stem Cell Musketeers of Brazil
  • Adventures in China
  • Professor Forever and the Giant Squid
  • A Double Baker’s Dozen of Disease Team Grants?
  • The Greatest Speech You Never Heard
  • A Stem Cell Mystery: The Resignation of Mahendra Rao
  • Arthritis and the Fifty States
  • Would You Drink from a Fountain of Youth?
  • When Things Go Right
  • Where Did the Money Go? (and a New Year’s Delight at the End…)
  • The End?
  • Appendices:
    • Interview with Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of A*Star and Biopolis
    • An Interview with Hans Keirstead
    • Interview with Bob Klein

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