By Don C. Reed

As the frantic final hours tick away, here are some last-minute recommendations.

In addition to Hillary (of course!!!) I have seven SENATE suggestions: if you like any of them, please consider supporting him or her.


Missouri? Help Jason Kander, memorable as the man who can disassemble his rifle and then put it back together– blindfolded—plus he is a strong stem cell research supporter!

Meet Jason Kander

Also in Missouri, , I recommend Chris Koster for Governor: he respects the potential for stem cell research so much that he gave up being a Republican for it. That takes courage in red-state Missouri!


Nevada: Catherine Cortez Masto is famous for fighting the big banks, winning (for Nevada) a $1.9 billion court settlement “in relief for struggling homeowners”!



Florida—Patrick Murphy has been fighting a terrific battle against uphill odds. His opponent is Marco Rubio, the man Republicans will almost certainly run for President in 2020, so you can imagine the amount of money that has been thrown against Murphy’s campaign! Patrick Murphy used science to rally the state against the Zika virus, recognizing that standing pools of water are breeding places for mosquitos which carry the virus.



Illinois: both candidates are strong stem cell supporters, so I have not taken a position—but I can tell you I have sent $25 to Tammy Duckworth. Who could not honor the sacrifice of a woman who lost both her legs fighting for her country? Like Franklin D. Roosevelt, she will lead the country from a wheelchair—and do it well.


New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan’s race is crucial both for the Senate and the Presidency. The current governor of NH, Maggie Hassan is famous for being able to reach across the aisle for progress. Our new President will need that ability to overcome political opposition, and get things done.


Pennsylvania: The daughter of a police officer and a restaurant waitress, Katie McGinty is a down to earth person; she also believes strongly in protecting the environment.


Wisconsin: Russ Feingold is not only one of the earliest supporters of stem cell research, but also a fighter for union rights. If you remember how unions brought about the minimum wage, over time pay, the 40-hour week and a lot more, you know why it is vital to have Russ Feingold in the Senate.


Folks, we are up against it now. The actions of these last few hours may swing the race. I ask you to do more of what you are already doing: to work beyond exhaustion. There will be time enough for rest when we have our President Hillary safe in the White House where she belongs.

So do everything you can; donate more than you can afford; drive your neighbors to the polls; and as you do, remember that great sentence in Shakespeare’s HAMLET, the immortal “to be or not to be” speech, when he asks:

“…whether (it is) nobler in the mind to endure the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them.”

Let us end the Trump troubles before they take hold.

Don C. Reed is the author of “STEM CELL BATTLES: Proposition 71 and Beyond: How Ordinary People Can Fight Back Against the Crushing Burden of Chronic Disease”, available now from Amazon.com



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