https://www.eveningwithhanskeirstead.com/ <https://www.eveningwithhanskeirstead.com/> <https://www.eveningwithhanskeirstead.com/&gt;>

What if there was  a scientist dedicating his life to saving the lives of children, protecting  the minds of the old, restoring motion to the paralyzed, and sight to the  blind—and he was good at it?

In a perfect world, he would be  guaranteed research funding for the rest of his life.

But this  is not a perfect world.

Hans Keirstead’s research depends on a  constant search for funding.

Attempting to cure paralysis,  California’s Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Act (named after my  paralyzed son Roman) provided the initial funding which led to Keirstead’s  groundbreaking success with spinal cord injury—the world’s first clinical  trials with embryonic stem cells are now going forward with  Geron.

That same research also offers hope to sufferers of  Spinal Muscle Atrophy (SMA) a hideous disease that kills children, typically  before the age of two.

Geron is also intending to take the same  purified stem cell lines Keirstead developed into the battle against  Alzheimer’s, the terrifying condition which robs sufferers of their  memories—forgetting family, and the simplest mechanical procedures like how  to turn out a light—and finally, how to breathe.

And blindness:  to attack the fear of living in the eternal night of the unsighted, researchers led by Keirstead at UC Irvine have succeeded in getting stem cells to differentiate into a retina.

Help us help Keirstead, so he can advance the  field of regenerative medicine.

AND—come and meet the man  himself.

https://www.eveningwithhanskeirstead.com/ <https://www.eveningwithhanskeirstead.com/>

$50 entitles you  to a fun evening, good wine if you want some—great company, a look into  tomorrow, and a chance to advance the most cutting edge research in the  world.

Can you come? October 8, in an intimate surrounding, the  Oakley Sunglass Stadium, Foothill Ranch, California.

If  you can come, please do. Inconvenience yourself. Roman and I will be driving  down from Northern California, and we both have major appointments the  following day, so it will be about 16 hours in the car. But this is  important. Come if you can—and share this announcement with  friends.

P.S. If you follow the research, you know there is  still another ideological attempt going on to block all federal funding of  embryonic stem cell research. Hans Keirstead is one of the world’s leaders in this field. He won’t give up, but he needs funding to go on. Help if you can, but pass this message on, no matter what.

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