By Don C. Reed

Dear California Democrat:

By now you should have received your ballot in the mail. It is crucial that you act on it. Fill it out — easy to do! — and send it back.

This is the recall, the Republican attempt to fire Gavin Newsom. If enough people vote yes, he loses his job, and California loses a great Governor.

You might think, California is a Democratic state, we are sure to win — but that’s wrong. In recall elections, like this one, Democrats frequently do not vote — but Republicans almost always do vote — and we could easily lose.

If you want to keep Governor Newsom (I do, 100%!) then for Heaven’s sake vote!!

If we don’t decide, the Republicans will.

So: all you have to do is open the big envelope, take out the stuff (instructions, mostly), and get the page which is almost blank; it has is a bubble for yes and a bubble for NO. Since we as Democrats do not want Gavin kicked out, “NO” is the only word we need.

Just fill in the word “NO” on the bubble, (use blue or black ink) fold and insert the sheet into the return envelope — and, on the outside, SIGN AND DATE on the lines provided — then seal the envelope and send it back.

One thing that confused me at first was a page of names inside. This is just a bunch of people (almost entirely Republicans) who want Gavin’s job. You can ignore that, if you want, or choose one. I ignored it.

The opposition? They have found their mini-Trump: an ultra-conservative Republican talk show host. If you liked Trump, you will love Larry Elder.

How to sum his politics up? He is the servant of the rich. Do I exaggerate?

He wants there to be no minimum wage (literally, zero), so the rich can pay workers as little as they want. If they wanted to pay ten cents an hour, that would be legal under the Elder Administration.

He also wants another zero — zero taxes on the corporations.

He wants to finance what’s left of government (after removing 80% of it!) by a sales tax increase, which of course hurts the poor and the middle class the worst.

Where does he stand on education? He would fire 5–7% of the public school teachers, (“the bad ones”, he says) and give the rich money (vouchers) to help pay their kids’ tuition to private schools.

He opposes a woman’s right to choose, calling Roe v. Wade “the worst Supreme Court decision ever”.

He is against Medicare.

He is against Social Security.

He blames the poor for their own suffering, calling them “victicrats”.

He does not believe there is prejudice against women, or minorities.

After decades of calling climate change “a myth” and “a crock”, he recently admitted there may be “some connection” between human activity and global warming. But judging by his promises to be gentle with the oil, coal and gas corporations, I do not expect any positive action from him.

Want one more reason to vote to keep Gavin Newsom?

If U. S. Senator Dianne Feinstein retired early for reasons of health, (she is 88) who would appoint her successor? Yep. The Governor. And if that Governor was Larry Elder, and he appointed another conservative Republican, there goes control of the United States Senate.

This is about America, as well as California.

If you, like me, are proud to be a Democrat, do not let anything stop you from voting. Do it today. You can do it by mail, it is convenient and easy.

I don’t know how you feel, but I have had enough of Trump. I do not want to give power over California — to someone just like him.

Your ballot should be with you now. But if by chance it has not yet arrived?

Go to:

Don’t wait. Act now. Do it today!

And tell a friend.

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