THROW THE SHOE — Last Chance to Vote!

By Don C. Reed

The tale is told of a pioneer found dead, his body shot full of arrows — while in his hands was a single-shot rifle , still loaded, its one bullet left unfired.

That is not the way, I think. If I was being attacked, and the odds were impossible, I hope I would go out firing every bullet I could find — and if all I had left was one shoe to throw, then I want to throw that shoe.

Today is the last day to vote in the Recall against Governor Gavin Newsom.

If you have not voted because of a technicality (my friend recently moved, and when I asked if she had voted, she said no) here is a website with non-political information (League of Women Voters) — If you would rather talk to a person, here is a number: 916–653–6814.

I called that number, and it works. It is the California Secretary of State’s office, but a regular person will answer. It is their job to help voters vote, so there you are.

Now. I believe the Recall to be totally unjust, a Republican maneuver to get a good man out of office. I have already voted NO! on the recall, voting against it the first day my packet arrived in the mail.

What would it mean to recall Gavin Newsom? The strongest member of the opposition would get his job.

An ultra-conservative Republican radio talk show host, Larry Elder, would be put in power — he would literally take Gavin Newsom’s job.

What is at stake is all our beliefs and policies.

If you, like me, are a strong Democrat — or Independent — think of every issue you support. Then compare it to Larry Elder’s position. Almost certainly, you will find him on the extreme opposite side of the fence.

Here are ten examples:

1. Do you support unions? Elder does not.

2. Where do you stand on the $15 minimum wage? Elder seriously wants a ZERO minimum wage for workers.

3. Social Security? Elder is against it.

4. Global warming as caused by pollution? Elder has called that “a crock” for many years.

5. Roe v. Wade? Elder calls it “the worst decision ever handed down by the Supreme Court”.

6. The “Americans with Disabilities Act” supported by George H. W. Bush? “A hideous monstrosity”, says Larry Elder.

7. Funding of stem cell research? Elder’s against it.

8. Maintaining anti-covid health policies to save lives? Elder opposes them.

9. Taxing the rich and the giant corporations? He’s against that too.

10. Medicare? Nope, not even that.

An Elder victory would put at risk the hard-won policies Californians hold dear.

Do not let your vote be lost — you have a right to be heard, to influence this gigantic decision.

Let your voice be heard… VOTE!

And if you have already voted, take a moment to remind a friend, or offer someone a ride to the polls.

Use your strength to make a difference —

Throw the shoe.

Don C. Reed is a stem cell research advocate in Northern California, the author of “REVOLUTIONARY THERAPIES” and other books.

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