This book is so unlike the typical medical book. The reader isn’t bogged down in myriad medical terms and lost in bone jarringly long chapters. This author’s prolific writing has been put to good use as this book is imminently readable. The short chapters make it very approachable. The personal touch that almost every chapter captures makes this not a dry tome but a living, breathing thing.

The work done explaining the incredible possibilities already achieved and yet to come via stem cell research is brilliantly presented. If there is one lesson from this book full of lessons it would be that this research isn’t the salve for all of societies problems…it is the oil that powers the machine of incredible research that can then help solve the problems.

The reason a book of such advocacy is needed is the moralistic cloud that pervades this life saving research. ‘Well intentioned’ people hoping to protect life are potentially roadblocks in so many ways that lives could be saved, improved or lengthened.

I can only offer my hope that the 2018 proposition brings more funding to this critically needed research. A powerful book that should be read by every person who knows someone suffering from disease, aging or simply living.

Brilliant, a masterpiece that clearly argues the case for increased stem cell research everywhere. Read More

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