Californians! Vote “NO” on the Recall — We Already Had Four years of Trump!

By Don C. Reed

Did you enjoy the four years of Donald Trump? If so, you will love Larry Elder, the radio host who wants to replace Gavin Newsom as Governor of California.

The resemblance between Elder and Trump’s policies is surprising. Examples?

Trump was in favor of a ban on abortion; Elder calls Roe v. Wade “the worst decision ever handed down by the Supreme Court.”

Remember when Trump mocked the disabled reporter? Elder opposes the Americans with a Disability Act (ADA), calling it a “monstrosity”.

Trump allowed huge tax cuts on the rich and corporations; Elder supports zero taxation on the giant corporations.

Elder also supports another zero, one even Trump does not support — when asked if he was in favor of the $15 minimum wage, Elder responded that he supported a zero minimum wage — a stance he has repeated many times.

Trump calls global warming “a hoax”; Elder calls it “a crock” and “a myth”.

What a difference between Trump, Elder — and Governor Gavin Newsom!

When COVID-19 came against us like the plague, Newsom fought it. He was among the very first in the nation to challenge COVID, urging the wearing of masks, social distancing, vaccinations and working from home.

People hated the inconvenience (of course!) but we all liked a fighter on our side. And we definitely wanted to survive.

Elder? He appears willing to sacrifice all California’s gains of safety, no matter how many people that puts at risk.( Even Trump has moderated his stance, and now suggests voluntary vaccination, perhaps because he suffered a mild case himself).

Stem cell research? Gavin Newsom is famous for his early support of the field of regenerative medicine, even bringing the headquarters of the California stem cell program to San Francisco.

Donald Trump, (give credit where credit is due) did not use his vast Presidential powers to attack stem cell research.

But Larry Elder? He opposes stem cell research, apparently because it might be paid for by the government.

In some cases, therefore, Elder is more “conservative” than Trump!

Those are just some of the reasons I voted NO on the recall — and hope you will do (or have already done) the same.

Don C. Reed is the author of “STEM CELL BATTLES” and other books.

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