Votevotevotevote — just once, but don’t forget — Do you see a pattern here?

In the California recall vote tomorrow, we do not merely need to win — we have to win overwhelmingly.

What is at stake here is our beliefs and policies. To recall Gavin Newsom means to put Larry Elder in power. And what could that mean

If you, like me, are a strong Democrat — or Independent — think of every issue you believe in.Then match where you stand, and compare it to Larry Elder’s position. Almost certainly, you will find him on the opposite side of the fence.

Here are Ten Examples:

1. Do you support unions? Elder does not.

2. Where do you stand on the $15 minimum wage? Elder seriously wants a ZERO minimum wage for workers.

3. Social Security? Elder is against it.

4. Global warming as caused by pollution? Elder called it “a crock” for many years.

5. Roe v. Wade? Elder calls it “the worst decision ever handed down by the Supreme Court”.

6. The “Americans with Disabilities Act” supported by George H. W. Bush? “A hideous monstrosity”, says Larry Elder.

7. Funding stem cell research? Elder’s against it.

8. Maintaining anti-covid health policies to continue saving lives? Elder is opposes them.

9. Taxing the rich and the giant corporations? He’s against that too.

10. Medicare? Nope. Elder does not support even that.

See why we have to vote? An Elder victory would put at risk all the hard-won policies Californians hold dear.

Let your voice be heard. Today or tomorrow, VOTE!

And tell a friend.

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